The projects below have received Cooperation Grants to assist them in their joint efforts. All projects involved in protecting cultural heritage in conflict zones are encouraged to contact Ann Benbow ( at the AIA with their ideas for possible collaborations.


Initiative(s) Description and Role
Blue Shield & EAMENA Inventory of the Cultural Property of Yemen
ANQA (CyArk, ICOMOS, Yale) Emergency Recording and Archiving of Cultural Heritage in High Risk Zones
GHF, ICOMOS, ICCROM, ARC-WH AMAL in Heritage Antiquities Coalition & MANTIS A New Revenue-Estimate Tool from the Trade in Syrian and Iraqi Antiquities: Results of the MANTIS Project. DC Summit to Promote Data Collaboration, MANTIS and the Antiquities Coalition
ASOR-CHI & ARCHES Organizing International Efforts to Empower Iraqis Safeguarding Cultural Heritage
DAI/SHAP & ASOR-CHI Toward a Collaborative Inventory of Places and Sites in Syria—Two Meetings to Assist in Uniting the DAI and ASOR Inventories

Top Image: Mariamin - musicians mosaic (Hama Museum) Credit: Judith McKenzie/Manar al-Athar