This section contains links to projects that are dedicated to preserving and protecting cultural heritage in conflict zones. The organizations represented participated in the 2015 Summit. Links to relevant documents will be included when available.

ProjectDescriptionRelevant Document(s)
Arches ProjectArches is an open source data management platform that was designed by cultural heritage professionals for cultural heritage professionals.Project Factsheet
Project Presentation
Antiquities CoalitionThe Antiquities Coalition works to protect enduring items of historical and cultural value from looting, iconoclasm, destruction, and theft. Part of their efforts focus on fighting the black market "blood antiquities," which include stolen and trafficked items transported by terrorist groups and organized crime syndicates worldwide. --
AMAL in HeritageAMAL In Heritage, an initiative of the Global Heritage Fund focuses on disaster preparedness and relief in conflict zones in the MENA region. They are currently working on developng a mobile app to help facilitate quick communication and information exchange.
Project Summary
ASOR-CHI (Cultural Heritage Initiatives)Weekly Reports
The Getty Conservation InstituteProject Summary
Manar Al-Athar Manal Al-Athar is an online image bank containing photographs of archaeological and cultural sites in the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain. It is based at the University of Oxford and allows its images to be used freely as long as their Copyright policy is adhered to. --
ICOMOSICOMOS, the International Council on Mounuments and Sites is dedicated to preserving and protecting tangible cultural heritage including but not limited to historical cities, archaeological sites, and buildings. Their network of experts includes individuals from a diverse range of disciplines, including art historicians, historicans, architects, engineers, and archaeologists. The organization's resources include a documentation centre, publications, an open archive, and a collaborative free photobank. Project Presentation
The Penn Cultural Heritage CenterThe Penn cultural heritage center focuses on issues concerning the antiquities ttrade, ethics and identity as they relate to the study of history, and complex issues surrounding archaeological scholarship and practice. Currently, adhering to ICOM's International Core Data Standards for Archaeological Sites and Monuments, they are working on a database that will contain information on damaged cultural heritage sites in Syria. --
EAMENAEMANA is working on a database that will contain information on endangered sites. Much of their information has been obtained using satellite imagery.--
SHAPProject Presentation
SHIRIN Shirin is an international initiative that is dedicated to collaboration and information sharing in its efforts to protect and preserve Syria's cultural heritage. It draws from the knowldge and experience of professionals that worked in Syria prior to the war and plans to create a database documenting damage to Syrian heritage sites.Project Summary
SHOSISafeguarding the Heritage of Syria and Iraq (SHOSI) aims to use technology and education to respond to the destruction of cultural heritage in Syria and Iraq. It is a consortium of multiple organizations: the Penn Cultural Heritage Center at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Shawnee State University, the Day After Association, and the U.S. Institute of Peace.Project Summary


Top Image: Tamanah - church (Maarat an-Numan Museum Credit: Sean Leatherbury/Manar al-Athar